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Hello dear Friends,
I am very happy about the fact, that there are
some wonderful artists amoung the godparents of the
Flower of Change.
This page shows, how they have creatively performed in the spirit of Flower of Change.

Artists for Flower of Change
Mindful Tuesday

The most recent contribution

Kristine Skipsna - Maara freagm

...this beautiful painting reminds me of the song "let it be" - warm regards Annette Maria
Kristine Skipsna fine artist

Kristine Skipsna
I was born in 1977 in Riga, Latvia.

When I was in kindergarten, I knew that I'll be a painter.

For me, emotions are most important. First comes the atmosphere, certain moods and only then the image starts to appear.
My believe is, that a painting expresses aspects, that usually can't be unfold in a different way. Most important to me is to be honest with myself.

Because we all identify ourselves through our work, want it or not, work conceives our wishes and faults.
But we affect each other, therefore let's enhance goodness, purity of soul and love.

Kristine Skipsna - cerinji, bumbieri zala, zirgs

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