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Mindful Tuesday

Artists for Flower of Change
Hello dear friends,

Mindful Tuesday...

Our projectgrows beautyfully - due to your great efforts.
Your positive energy can be sensed so strongly, that we now want to make use of this energy in an active way.

That is why a weekly 5 minute Tuesday meditation will take place, which to join you are kindly invited.

We have chosen a time (3:30 PM MESZ, which is e.g. 6:30 AM PST and 11:30 PM in Japan and Sydney), which is supposed to be the best choice for the vast majority to join in at the same time.

With this united meditation we want to actively raise the positive vibrations around the world.

Come and join us!

It's that easy:
On Tuesdays take your 5-minute timeout to center yourself together with godparents of flower of change-plants around the world. This is how to get in contact to "ONENESS" with all there is.

Before or during the meditation, you might wish to strike the leafes of your flower of change, and get in touch with her gleaming power. At work it might be enough to visualize your plant to let yourself into the "we are all one"-experience.

We'd love to get your feedback! Please tell us, if you have been joining us, and how much you enjoyed it.
Love and Peace
Annette Maria

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