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Offsprings I've given away
(my offsprings 1st degree)
Shows Artizana of Ma Chérie's info window on the mapJump to Artizana of Ma Chérie's diary...Artizana of Ma Chérie
Shows Miri of Ma Chérie's info window on the mapJump to Miri of Ma Chérie's diary...Miri of Ma Chérie
Shows Joie of Ma Chérie's info window on the mapJump to Joie of Ma Chérie's diary...Joie of Ma Chérie
That's me - Ma Chérie of Paris
Shows Ma Chérie of Paris's info window on the mapJump to Ma Chérie of Paris's diary...Ma Chérie of Paris
My direct ancestor
(ancestor 1st degree)
Shows Paris of Holle's info window on the mapJump to Paris of Holle's diary...Paris of Holle
My ancestor 2nd degree
Shows Holle's info window on the mapJump to Holle's diary...Holle
My ancestor 3rd degree
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The family-tree of Ma Chérie of Paris
Shown on the map are all members of Ma Chérie of Paris's family (Ma Chérie of Paris, all offsprings and all ancestors)

Flower of Change-Name:

LET YOUR LOVE GROW - ...People, who feel connected to each other in any way, can only have positive thoughts and feelings for each other.

Give away little offsprings of your Flower of Change, e.g. to friends and family and set a sign for LOVE & PEACE!

Please consider our wish as an offer for a network beyond the virtual world.

Our project is comprehensive for all people, no matter of nationality, ideology or religion.

You want to be a part of it?

Using your "Login name" and "Password" (you can find both on your 'How to care for your plant' card) will lead you to your personal login area.

Within your personal login area you may easily add your offsprings of your Flower of Change which you have given away. Your newly added offsprings are then immediately visible on our worldmap (which is this page).
Also in your personal login area you may open up the "godfather"-card and "How to care for your plant"-card of each of the offsprings you have added, to print the cards, save the cards to your harddrive or to mail them to the new godfathers.

The offsprings you have added and given away are presented with an additional arrow symbol on our worldmap. Users clicking on it will be directly forwarded to your Flower of Change.

We are wishing you a lot of fun on giving away your offsprings!

Warm regards

Annette Maria

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